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Politics, Environment, and How to Effectively Report on The Two

This week we were assigned readings that discussed environmental politics, which can often be a topic that is met with opposing opinions and often much confusion from the public. The New York Times recently published an article “Obama Tells Donors of Tough Politics of Environment” written by Michael Shear. President Obama states, “If we’re going […]

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Reviewing the Quality of Medical Journalism: Hype vs Accurate Reporting

In your own writing, you should think about the goals you are trying to accomplish.One way to start doing that, is by evaluating another author’s work, like we have done with our peer edits. This article gives a “score” to an article written on the New York Times. What score would you give the NY […]

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Teacher’s Choice: Automobiles.

http://www.cjr.org/cover_story/the_love_affair_is_over.php?page=1 This article discusses the shift currently happening in the US from driving to other forms of transportation. I find this shift very interesting because to my knowledge I hadn’t noticed a difference in my day to day activities, and I also am curious what motives are the most prevalent in people who opt out […]

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