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Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Pose New Questions for Future of Great Lakes Water Quality

Pam Taylor, a member of the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan, outside of Danley’s Country House in Tecumseh, MI.   Pam Taylor sits at a table in Danley’s Country House, a restaurant in the northeast corner of Lenawee County, MI.  Her tone is straightforward when she speaks; she has had this conversation before. […]

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The Splash Report

Team: Canned Noodles Allison Nam, Nabila Asif, Charles Engelman The Splash Report Requested Amount: $50,000 Expected amount of time to complete project: 6 months Describe your project: The Splash Report is a mobile application that focuses on bodies of water, specifically lakes, rivers, and ocean front areas that people use for recreational purposes. It provides […]

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What is fracking pollution denial costing us?

In December of 2011, the EPA released a report confirming that water pollution detected in areas near natural gas extraction sites were indeed caused by hydraulic fracking, the process by which the gas is obtained. According to the ProPublica article describing the report, local water samples were found to contain various synthetic compounds, including Benzene, […]

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