How have your beliefs about news changed?

This is a time of radical change in the way we define, gather and share news. But some things about journalism remain the same as they were a decade ago, like the preparation it takes to do a good job interviewing an expert. On the first day of Environ 320, a University of Michigan course in […]

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Why are American’s so distrustful about Climate Change?

Throughout all of these articles, one thing was definitely clear, climate change is happening. I am terribly confused about how all of these articles say that it is a fact, all of the scientists say it is a fact, but still such a large population of American does not believe that this is an issue. […]

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The EPA, democratic mechanism or environmental dictator?

The EPA has been all over the news recently due to it’s  “clean power plan”. Although diverse groups both praise and condemn the actual plan, few people take the time to analyze the EPA as an organization and more importantly who it serves. The EPA was created through an executive order signed by Richard Nixon […]

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Do “Antarctica Warming” photographs successfully raise awareness of Global Warming?

When talking about global warming, there are many controversies due to peoples inability to understand or accept the concepts associated with it. This National Geographic photographic series, (  illustrates the effects of global warming in Antartica.  In my opinion, these visuals can provide the viewer with clearer ideas on what will happen to the wildlife and habitats […]

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Reporting on the EPA: Is Opinion Better?

While looking through this week’s readings, I noticed a difference in representation of the EPA between articles. Both this article from the Detroit Free Press and this piece from the Ann Arbor Observer discuss the work researchers at the Ann Arbor EPA lab are doing to investigate fuel economy claims of various cars. Both articles […]

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Material Recycling Facility Experience

As I enter the murf in my yellow hardhat and bright orange safety vest, my ears are bombarded with simultaneous sounds of crushing glass, clinking machinery, and sharp, loud bangs. My nostrils are consumed with an unpleasant odor as I make my way through this maize-like structure. Bang. Crush. I look down to see magazines […]

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A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your bottles: Reporting on a proposed bottle bill in Massachusetts

This Boston Globe article starts with a human focus and expands to the larger issue of a proposed bottle bill. I thought that the author moved well from the particular case of the Lopez family to the low-income community in general. Coverage of politics is easily bogged down by rhetoric and abstractions. The outcomes of political decisions […]

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"The Anatomy of a Landfill" 
Credit: Marco Cibola - from Waste Matters: The State of Michigan's Trash.

Does Waste Matter?

Out of this weeks readings, I was most intrigued by “Waste Matters: The State of Michigan’s Trash.” Often, garbage disposal services are cast in a negative light. I grew up just down the street from a very large garbage dump facility and in the summers it would sometimes start to smell. I remember one winter […]

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Faces of a Changing Planet (FCP)

Knight News Challenge Application Kate Laramie Michelina Risbeck Jayla Johnson Project Title: Faces of a Changing Planet (FCP) Requested Amount: $50,000 Expected Amount of time to Complete the Project: Approximately one year: six months of development and marketing time, followed by another six months of monitoring and potential adjustment to the app’s format, material presentation, […]

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Urban Art Tours of Detroit: A Smart Phone Application

Urban Art Tours of Detroit: A Smart Phone Application Nikki Horowitz Schuyler Hamill Xintong Zhu Requested Amount:  $5,500 Expected Amount of time to Complete Project: 4 Months Describe your Project: 500 words We would like to create a mobile urban art docent.  This will take form as an app for smart phones, which locates urban art […]

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Knights Challenge Idea: News Network

Sarah Clayton, Katie Shaw, Stephanie O’Neil, Alissa Cravens Knights Challenge Idea: News Network Requested Amount, Expected Amount of time to Complete Project. Describe your Project: 500 words, What unmet need does your product meet? 200 words  We propose a news app, hereby known as News Network, that integrates social media and regional location technologies to bring […]

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Point Blank: Load, Take Aim, Impact

Knight News Challenge: Marley Kalt, Karishma Ahuja, Grace Kuan, Justine Smith Project Title: Point Blank: Load, Take Aim, Impact Requested Amount $50,000 Expected Amount of Time to Complete Project 8 months Describe your Project: Point Blank is a company designed to combat slacktivism. Through a website and mobile application, we will help our users be […]

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Topic of the Week: “Not In My Backyard” The Complexities of Modern Oil Drilling

As the United States pushes towards a future of energy independence, there has been a dramatic increase in the last few years of national oil and gas exploration and production. Drilling efforts are expanding across states and municipalities, and often oil and gas companies are met by fierce resistance from local communities opposed to exploration […]

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