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“New HIV cases in Washtenaw County hit 15-year high”

As a whole, I thought the story incorporated a lot of information without being too stuffed full of numbers. The section headers helped separate the many facets of the story, and allowed the writer to go more in depth with each one since the angle of the story was clear. The pull quotes and photos […]

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The Use of Subtitles In (Legal-Related and Other) Articles

The use of subtitles in a story can serve as a roadmap for the reader and the author. In our readings on sobriety court, only the women’s health Web MD article uses subtitles, but none of the others do. Why is that and when might you think of using them? In others words … How do subtitles […]

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The Evolving Perception of Marijuana

We have all heard about changing marijuana policy as states have been legalizing medical and now recreational marijuana use. One of the biggest stories about this topic was Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s public apology and explanation for why he changed his stance and became a supporter of marijuana policy reform. While this report was a big “win” for […]

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