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Press Access & Environmental Coverage in the Trump Era

In the EENews piece, Camille von Kaenel mentions that Rep. Debbie Dingell’s request to tour the EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor in March, and was originally turned down – with the Lab stating that it had no political chaperones around. The Detroit News article also mentions that Dingell’s first request to visit the […]

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Scott Pruitt Surprisingly Changes EPA Policy Regarding who Can Serve as an Advisor

In an article from the Washington Post , Brady Dennis and Juliet Elperin discuss the recent, unprecedented change that Scott Pruitt, the head administrator for the EPA, made regarding who can serve as an advisor. In articles like these that have political debates at their core, its easy to insert bias into one’s writing while discussing […]

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Opposing Viewpoints on Climate Change

When Neil Kagan, adjunct professor in law at the University of Michigan and senior counsel for the National Wildlife Federation, spoke to our environmental journalism class on October 31st, he brought up a point that really struck me as important and overlooked. Though he was discussing the topic of environmental litigation, he referenced climate change […]

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