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Fight Knight: Eye Once Science

Fight Knight Project Group Sarah Gallagher, Shayan Golafshani, Flick Cain, Kallisse Dent, Taha Bashir   Project Title: 10 words  Eye Once Science (or Science At a Glance)  Requested Amount  5,000 dollars Expected Amount of time to Complete Project  1-2 months with a dedicated team Describe your Project: 500 words Our idea is a google chrome […]

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Point Blank: Load, Take Aim, Impact

Knight News Challenge: Marley Kalt, Karishma Ahuja, Grace Kuan, Justine Smith Project Title: Point Blank: Load, Take Aim, Impact Requested Amount $50,000 Expected Amount of Time to Complete Project 8 months Describe your Project: Point Blank is a company designed to combat slacktivism. Through a website and mobile application, we will help our users be […]

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Sustaining: An Exploration of Life Post Environment 320

In the face of a seemingly ever-changing journalistic landscape, many journalists have created new innovations dealing with how to present, gather and distribute news. Through these innovations many journalists have succeeded in branding themselves–communicating their relevance to a larger audience. Remaining relevant is only part of the issue, however. As this class come to a […]

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